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This guide describes the ODMG API for Melati POEM (Persistent Object Engine for Melati): the layer which provides an ODMG type view onto a JDBC compliant database. It assumes you know how to setup and use POEM generally - so see that documentation first.

Other information

See also the Melati POEM User Guide
See also the ODMG site

Anatomy of an ODMG session

The test program provides a simple example of using the ODMG api to create, query and amend objects.

First thing you do is create an open database connection.

    Database db = org.melati.poem.odmg.ODMGFactory.getNewDatabase();"odmgplaying",Database.OPEN_READ_WRITE);

The "odmgplaying" is the name of the POEM Logical Database, as defined in your file. See the Melati POEM API documentation for more information on this.

You then need to create and open a transaction in which to do any query or update work. Note that transactions are thread based - thus all work in the same thread is assumed to be in the same transaction. Also the current wrapper does not support multi-threaded processing, that is, you cannot open a transaction in one thread and then access it in another.

    Transaction tx = org.melati.poem.odmg.ODMGFactory.getNewTransaction(db);

You can now access and update the database.

    DCollection parents = (DCollection) db.lookup("parent");

    //clear out old crap

    System.out.println("ADDING PARENTS");
    for (int i=0; i<10; i++)
      Parent p = newParent();

    System.out.println("PARENTS DESCENDING");
    Iterator iter ="order by name desc");
    while (iter.hasNext())
      Parent p = (Parent);

To then commit any changes you have made you need to then commit the transaction.


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This document is intended to give details of how to use the ODMG API.


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