org.melati.poem.prepro User Guide


Melati and the POEM preprocessor

Melati is an open source, Java-based infrastructure for the rapid and convenient development of web-based database applications. This guide describes a preprocessor facility which forms part of Melati POEM (Persistent Object Engine for Melati), the layer which provides Melati with its object-oriented view of the underlying relational database. The preprocessor's task is to map a succinct Java-style "Data Structure Definition" file, in which the application programmer describes the schema of the database to which they expect their code to be attached, into a set of boilerplate Java source files implementing a statically-typed object-oriented API for that schema.


This document describes each of the stages involved in setting up a statically-typed application-specific object-oriented view of an RDBMS database using Melati POEM.

The data structure definition file

Attributes are "factory defaults" and are not applied to existing tables/columns. DSD is not exclusive.

You might like to look at POEM's own DSD.

The package statement should be changed to the name of your package eg org.paneris.myproj.model.
Note that this should also be reflected in LogicalDatabase.Properties


Invoking the preprocessor

It will only overwrite files with a tag at the top, and it doesn't try to overwrite stubs.

java org.melati.poem.prepro.DSD myproj.dsd

Compiling your application

javac -d /usr/local/packages/inst/paneris `find . -path .*java`

Running your application

Attributes only find their way in the first time. Incompatibilities => startup aborts. How to fix problems.

About this document

Readership and purpose

This document is also intended to give the wider open source community an insight into Melati's preprocessor, so that they can give us feedback pre-release and understand the finished product.


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