PoemServlet Test

This servlet tests your melati/poem configuration.

If you can read this message, it means that you have successfully created a POEM session, using the configurations given in org.melati.LogicalDatabase.properties.

Note that this servlet does not initialise a template engine.

The PoemContext

The PoemContext enables access to a database, a table, a record and a method.

Your PoemContext is set up as: logicalDatabase = melatitest, table = null, troid = null, method = null.


The PoemContext can be setup using the servlet's PathInfo.

Tables in the Database melatitest
User A registered user of the database
Group A group to which registered users of the database can belong
Capability A capability which users can be required to possess before accessing data
Group membership A record that a given user is a member of a given group
Group capability A record that users belonging to a given group possess a given capability
Table Configuration information about a table in the database
Column Configuration information about a column in the database
Table type A category under which a table can be classified
Setting A configurable setting for the application

File upload

A PoemFileDataAdaptor obtains the name of the file upload directory from a setting in the settings table.

You can upload a file here:

This will save your file in a file at a path specified in the database's Settings table.

Try saving a file in your /tmp directory here.

Melati Exception handling

An exception is rendered to the output.

An access violation provokes a login challenge.

You curently have the access token _guest_.


Further Testing

Template Engine Testing

You are currently using: org.melati.template.webmacro.WebmacroServletTemplateEngine.

You can test your WebMacro installation by clicking WebmacroStandalone

You can test your Template Engine working with Melati by clicking org.melati.test.TemplateServletTest/melatitest

Make sure the Admin System is working.